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 All Categories    Five Point Monitoring Systems - PLC Series - Ozone
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Item # SRPLC548-50.0m, Five Point Monitoring Systems - PLC Series - Ozone

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PLC Multipoint Monitoring Systems include:
  • Displays real time gas concentrations in ppm
  • Dedicated sensor, sample pump, and digital flow switch for each monitoring location
  • All control and display functions at easy-to-use operator interface
  • User adjustable, LO & HI alarm set points, activating dedicated relays for each monitoring location
  • Stackable tower lights for LO, HI, and fault alarms, and Piezo horn for HI alarm common to all channels
  • Alarm event and time tracking, last time calibrated tracking, specific for each sensor
  • Pump vacuum fault detection and fault display
  • System packaged in wall-mountable NEMA 12 enclosure
  • 4-20 mA output - dedicated for each point



± 2.0% of reading, ± 1 least significant digit. (Limited to accuracy of calibration standard)


± 0.5% of full scale

Minimum Detectability

1.0% of full scale


± 1.0% of full scale

Zero Drift

± 1.0% of full scale (24 hours)

Span Drift

Less than ± 2.0% of full scale (24 hours)


Against standard gas mixture, or via INTERSCAN's Electronic Calibration Service.

Lag Time

Less than 1 second


0-50.0 ppm


0.1 ppm


Ozone (O3)

Number of Detection Points




Includes Auto Zero



The zero and span drift specifications assume that the analyzer is equilibrated, and is at constant temperature, with a properly maintained sensor.


Gas Detection Applications Primer

Sensor Principle of Operation

Interfering Gas Data

O3 -Toxic and Hazardous Properties

Gas Detection Knowledge Base

Multipoint (3 or more points) System Instruction Manual
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How Do I Get Started?

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