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Item # 4180-1000b, Portable Analyzer (4000 Series) with Digital Display - Hydrazine

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4000 Series Compact Portable Analyzer Includes:
  • 3-1/2 digit LCD display
  • Appropriate sensor
  • Integral sample pump & plug-in charger
  • User-adjustable single alarm level activating audible and visual alarm
  • 0-100 mV output
  • Carrying case with shoulder strap
  • 12 inch (30.5 cm) Teflon sample probe



± 15% of full scale (Limited to accuracy of calibration standard)


± 10% of full scale

Minimum Detectability

10% of full scale


± 1.0% of full scale

Zero Drift

± 10% of full scale (4 hours)

Span Drift

Less than ± 10% of full scale (4 hours)


Against standard gas mixture, or via INTERSCAN's Electronic Calibration Service.

Lag Time

Less than 1 second


0 - 1000 ppb


1 ppb


7" H x 4" W x 8.875" D    (178 x 102 x 225 mm)


4.5 lb    (2.0 kg)


Hydrazine (N2H4)




The zero and span drift specifications assume that the analyzer is equilibrated, and is at constant temperature, with a properly maintained sensor.

Special Note

Certain specification items on this model reflect performance different from most other Interscan analyzers, but are in accordance with NASA guidelines, and the extreme difficulties encountered in low-level hydrazine measurement.


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